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Document Preparation Services Are Offered For The Following:

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Family Law

Uncontested Divorce, Contested Divorce, Petition for Dissolution, Response to Petition for Dissolution with counter claim, Child Custody and Parenting Plan, Modification/ Child Support, Custody Response to Modification/ Child Support, Custody, Paternity, Legal separation agreement, Pre-nuptial agreement,Termination of Parental Rights, Name Change, Stipulated agreement between the parties, Adoption, Guardianship, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, Power of Attorney

Real Estate

Quitclaim Deed/ Warranty Deed/ Joint Tenancy, Contracts, Lease Agreements, Evictions & Ejections
Liens, Release of Lien, Promissory notes, Corrective Deeds, Power of Attorney


Probate (uncontested), Will (simple), Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will, Power of Attorney, Codicil to Last will and testament

Corporate Entity Formation

Incorporation, Incorporation of FL business- profit and nonprofit, Articles of incorporation, Dissolution of FL business, Conversions- Fl profit Corp to FL LLC or other business entity, Registration of Fictitious Name, Change of Registered Agent, Officer, Entity Name Availability Check, Federal Tax ID Number

Civil Litigation

Summons and Complaint, Answer to Complaint, Counterclaim/ Cross claim, Default, Motion for Contempt, Pretrial Statement, Discovery documents, Civil subpoena, Demand letters, Evictions & Ejections, Requests to transfer, Motions/ Response/ Reply, Small Claims/ Complaint, Motions, Small Claims Request for Continuance, Small Claims Objection to Hearing Officer, Name change, Stipulated agreement between the parties, Notice of Appeal


Chapter 7, Motion for Extension of time to comply with Order, Convert case to Chapter 7, Convert case to Chapter 11, Motion for Voluntary DIsmissal of Bankruptcytice and Motion to Avoid Lien, Notice and Motion to Redeem property, NoMotion for Relief from Automatic Stay

Criminal Law

Petition for Expungement and/or Sealing of Records, Plea In Absentia, Motion to Withdraw Plea, Motion to Suppress Evidence, Written Plea of Not Guilty, Motion to Set Bond, Motion for Bond, Reduction, Notice of Appeal, Motion to Modify Sentence, Motion to Recall Bench Warrant, Motion to Dismiss Failure to Appear, Motion for Early Termination of Probation, Motion for Furlough

All work completed within 5 working days of receipt of information. Rush orders require additional fee.

About EZ Law Document Preparation
Our services are specially designed for people who find themselves dealing with Florida courts and Florida legal issues and are seeking an inexpensive option for professional self-help legal document preparation service and guidance. We properly prepare legal documents to your specifications and in accordance with all applicable Florida statutes and Florida Court Rules.

Legal Documents and Legal Forms Preparation

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All work completed within 5 working days of receipt of information. Rush orders require additional fee